Join us for the inaugural SLP Virtual Hackathon, September 27-30

Simple Ledger Protocol VIrtual Hackathon 2019



For 72 hours, from September 27th 12PM UTC until September 30th 12PM UTC, teams from anywhere in the world will compete to build the hottest new SLP token application for the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. Prizes will include SLPVH-exclusive non-fungible trophy tokens and portions of the prize pool! (Amounts to be determined by sponsorship funding and donations.)

Projects must have all their code written in the 72 hours of the hackathon, but brainstorming beforehand is encouraged! Code submitted for the hackathon will be made publicly available via GitHub.

In order to make our hackathon accessible to as many developers as possible, including those who may not be intimately familiar with Bitcoin Cash or SLP, we will have experienced SLP developers available for consulting in a group chat, to which all hackathon participants will have access. (Developer consultants to be announced.)



The SLPVH wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our wonderful sponsors who are each using and promoting SLP in their respective companies. Each was incredibly excited and helpful during the planning of the hackathon.



Just a couple of suggestions for inspiration. Don’t hesitate to try something new!

  • On-chain voting for proposals

  • New methods for transferring coins to friends

  • Products which showcase the frictionless-ness of bch chain

  • SLP performance, do a lot of SLP transactions

  • Token specific wallet

  • SLP tipping bot

  • NFT collectibles

  • On-chain Games



Over $2000 in prizes available

1st place 50% of main prize pool, 1st place Trophy Token

2nd place 30% of main prize pool, 2nd place Trophy Token

3rd place 20% of main prize pool, 3rd place Trophy Token



All donations will go to participants of SLPVH.


There is never a standstill in the economy, but perpetual
changes, movement, innovation, the continual emergence of the unprecedented.
— Ludwig von Mises